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8x8x8 RGB LED Cube with Infinity Mirror Effect

A small self contained RGB LED cube project with details on how to build one for yourself.

Animated Mood Light

A small small animated table, mood or night light using WS2812B intelligent RGB LEDs, complete with 3D printed diffuser.

Raspberry Pi Powered TV Message Board

Instructions on how to configure a Raspberry Pi to create an animated advertisement message board. Designed with all the steps to allow a complete beginner to re-create the project.

Etsy Shop

I have a number of items for sale on Etsy.

RGB LED Touch Gaming Table

Instructions on how to build a coffee table sized gaming using RGB LEDs using IR based photo detection for touch sensing.

Embedded Interface Board

A small board designed to allow a PC or networked device to access to embedded type busses as well as simple digital / analogue pin functionality.

Stackable Axial Flux Generator

A 3D printable axial flux generator design that can be stacked in layers to create a configurable generator.