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eBay Shop

I have a number of items for sale on eBay.

RGB LED Touch Gaming Table

Instructions on how to build a coffee table sized gaming using RGB LEDs using IR based photo detection for touch sensing.

Project Contribution

If you like the projects you see here then you can make a donation to help us fund future projects. Anything you contribute is really appreciated and will go towards funding new designs, research, materials and equipment.

RGB LED Sign / Message Board

A RGB LED message board using WS2812B intelligent LEDs. Complete with details on creating a full Flowcode simulation.


A 2D space shooter, looter, trader simulation for Windows, Linux and Android.

Etsy Shop

I have a number of items for sale on Etsy.

Pick and Place SMD component feeder

An automated pick and place feeder made using 3D printed parts with RS485 communications and stand alone IR triggered control.

Creating a Two Wheeled Robot using Flowcode

A tutorial on how to design a two wheeled robot and how to simulate it using Flowcode.