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8x8x8 RGB LED Cube with Infinity Mirror Effect

A small self contained RGB LED cube project with details on how to build one for yourself.

RGB LED Touch Gaming Table

Instructions on how to build a coffee table sized gaming using RGB LEDs using IR based photo detection for touch sensing.

Pick and Place SMD component feeder

An automated pick and place feeder made using 3D printed parts with RS485 communications and stand alone IR triggered control.

SPI to 4 x UART bridge

A small board designed to allow one embedded SPI bus connection to interact with up to four buffered embedded UART bus connections.

Embedded Interface Board

A small board designed to allow a PC or networked device to access to embedded type busses as well as simple digital / analogue pin functionality.

Animated Mood Light

A small small animated table, mood or night light using WS2812B intelligent RGB LEDs, complete with 3D printed diffuser.

Air Purifier

A simple adjustable speed air purifier using 8 PC fans and a HEPA air filter.

Raspberry Pi Powered TV Message Board

Instructions on how to configure a Raspberry Pi to create an animated advertisement message board. Designed with all the steps to allow a complete beginner to re-create the project.

RGB Propellor Display

A sophisticated RGB propellor POV display complete with onboard SD card and RTC capabilities.

RGB LED Sign / Message Board

A RGB LED message board using WS2812B intelligent LEDs. Complete with details on creating a full Flowcode simulation.

Creating a Two Wheeled Robot using Flowcode

A tutorial on how to design a two wheeled robot and how to simulate it using Flowcode.

Hydrogen Cooker and Water Purifier

Details on how to create an electrolysis chamber to create hydrogen and oxygen gas. Complete with a design for a burner to heat a pan and create pure water.

Stackable Axial Flux Generator

A 3D printable axial flux generator design that can be stacked in layers to create a configurable generator.