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Rowland Technology is a small part time business run by a professional embedded engineer with over 15 years experience in the industry, Ben Rowland. The company was started to allow us to try and flex our creative muscles without the financial constraints of a big business and see what we can come up with.

We craft software and hardware with expertise in a wide range of technologies ranging from from mobile games to weather stations. Because we are a small company a lot of our work involves rapid prototype equipment such as 3D printing, small scale CNC and PCB assembly.

We build stock to order so if you have a specific request then please let us know and we can make sure we are geared up correctly to complete the job.

Based in West Yorkshire in the UK, with all of our parts being manufactured in the UK.

We post a lot of projects via Instructables, Thingiverse and other Maker sharing platforms.

Project Contribution

If you like the projects you see here then you can make a donation to help us fund future projects. Anything you contribute is really appreciated and will go towards funding new designs, research, materials and equipment.